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Citrus fruit juice has a pH of about 2-3 yaani probability of skin irritation, sun sensitivity, and hyperpigmentation.

Oh! I wouldn't take a chance.

Citric acid found in citrus fruits is at a concentration of about 5-10% and trust me that is high enough to possibility that may lead to these side effects and especially if you have sensitive skin and scalp as well.

Using lemon juice or in that context any citrus juice on skin, its like you are basically using a mild superficial peel on your skin which may look brighter for time being but lead to super sensitivity in the long run.

Considering actual grapefruit or lemon juice for their water content , one also needs to know more than the benefits that are not proven nor researched but more aired.

YES, applying these juicy water to your skin will dry it out because these fruits are made of 80% or more water, but contain zero occlusive ingredients. So when you apply lemon or citrus juice on your skin and let it air dry, you’ll end up with even drier skin after it evaporates.

Would you still take a chance, I wouldn't.

Each time when there is blog on the great chemistry of lemon and beauty REMEMBER to try squeezing the rind instead of juice and that's where the catch is. The lemon or citrus aromas hidden in the rinds of the fruits.

Trust me , they are beauty savior.

Adding a drop of Orange ensures the beat in Anti ageing care whereas a drop of lemon aroma ensures good cleansing care.

-Beauty with EKTA



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